Updated: Dr. Lee Cowden Speaking at NTX Lyme Support Group August 27--Registration Mandatory

Registration Closed. Capacity Met. 

To add your name to the waiting list, contact Martha, paschalltwin@yahoo.com, or Patti, granola71@gmail.com
Registration is mandatory for attendance.

We are pleased to host Dr. Lee Cowden in August  for our monthly NTX Lyme Support Group. We will not meet on our regular 3rd Saturday of the month, but will meet the fourth Saturday in August.  Location to be announced.

Register to join us as Dr. Cowden speaks on "Hope for Lyme Sufferers Using Integrative Medicine". Dr. Cowden is a well-known face in the Lyme community. He was included in the recently published book, Insight into the Lyme Treatments written by Connie Strasheim.

In order to secure your seating, registration is mandatory.  Evites will not be sent out this month as we are asking EVERYONE (members and non-members) to register due to the limited seating available. This will be promoted by NTX Lyme along with Dr. Cowden all over the metroplex. Those who register will be allowed into the meeting room; those who do not register will need to wait to see if seating is available after all those who have registered have arrived.

We ask that if you register and later foresee that you will not be able to attend, that you contact paschalltwin@yahoo.com or granola71@juno.com to inform us so that we can open the seating to others who wish to attend. Thank you for your cooperation.

We still need your help in supporting the NTX Lyme Support Group. How can you help? Purchase a book. See last post. 

Next Meeting:
August 27th, 4th Saturday of the Month
(Note: Will not meet the regular 3rd Saturday)
Registration Mandatory-Click Here to Register- Registration closed, capacity met.
Speaker Dr. Lee Cowden
Omni-America Building, 
Alan Plummer Associates
1320 South University Drive, Suite 300
Fort Worth, TX 76107-5737
Corner of I-30 and University Drive, Tall building facing I-30